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The mission of Be Special Tours


The mission of Be Special Tours is to become the leader of tailor made tours in Salzburg and throughout Austriaby focusing on the unique individual needs of our guests and by providing them the best tour experience possible.


We want to provide the best experience for our guests and give them great memorable moments within this area!

Our History

The history of Be Special Tours dates back as far as the year 1915 when a company called “ La Donna Felice” was established in Milan, Italy with the goal to make the best hats and style for discerning women and, over the years it evolved into fashion for ladies. In the year 2014 the company name and logo was sold to Bernhard Praher-Schneck in Salzburg Austria who changed the focus of the company to creating tours for the happiest guest visiting Salzburg and the surrounding area.

Be special Tours consists of a team of professional guides whose passion is to provide their guests a truly personal vacation experience they will remember for years to come.

Our Team Members – get to
know them


Bernhard Praher-Schneck

Bernhard, founder and owner of Be Special Tours Salzburg, became involved in the tourism industry in 1999 as a young student. After completing his education, he focused his attention full-time on the tourism industry as a local guide in Italy. Bernhard met his future wife, Gerlinde, in Salzburg, Austria where he eventually settled and founded Be Special Tours with the idea of providing tailor-made tours to visitors to the Salzburg area and beyond and sharing with them his love and knowledge of the beautiful and unique Salzburg area.

Bernhard’s focus has always remained the same – to create unique and memorable tours based on the individual interest of his guests.


Gerlinde Maria Praher-Schneck

In addition to assisting Bernhard as a guide, Gerlinde concentrates on the administrative operation of the family business. Gerlinde is committed to developing novel ideas to provide a variety of travel and touring operations for her guests. Bernhard and Gerlinde are proud parents.


Gerhard Zöhrer

Hi, I am Gary and I used to run a bus company in Salzburg. I was born and raised in Salzburg and love this town and this area. I have many relatives in North America, as my mother's family came from there. I used to work in the hospitality and tourism business all my life, travelled all over Europe with the bus and love to show you this area. I emphasize this area and provide you every-day life experience and how it is to live here with all of its ups and downs.


Caroline Berker

I am Carolin. I studied art history, certified guide and driver guide I have the perfect tools to work with my passion, that lead me to this job. After unforgettable tears in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and on open waters, I became a Salzburger but enjoy traveling still a lot. I am looking forward to show you the best locations in Salzburg and bringing you through the journey of your dreams.

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