Amsterdam – the Venice of the Netherlands

Amsterdam is for sure one of the most interesting cities of this northern country called the Netherlands. It is well-known for it’s liberty, it’s traditions, it’s canals and historical people like Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Ann-Frank who hided there with her family until they were betrayed and deported. Therefore it is also called the “Venice of the north”.

Not only is it a very vivid and “alive” city that shows all different cultures, people and facades. It also hosts the palace of the king of Holland whenever some official visit is taking place. For the rest, the royal family prefers to stay away of Amsterdam. Also the parliament is not located in Amsterdam but in Den Haag. If you want to visit Den Haag, the Dutch People will likely tell you to visit Amsterdam, as it is possible to visit the royal palace there and also because there are more things to explore and to visit.

The Dutch people like to be different. They show it in their daily life as well as in they way of approach. The Netherlands are one of the few parliamentary-monarchy in Europe and had a republic before most other countries in Europe and installed the monarchy only very late. This shows already that the Dutch people like to do things different.

Even if a lot of people know the Netherlands as Holland, please do not call it Holland. Holland is one of the regions from the Netherlands, even if it is the biggest but it is only one part of the Netherlands and not the whole country.

train station Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a fascinating city. It is also a very controversial city. On one hand you will see the “red light district” with girls “offering their service” almost all around the clock, then you will smell sometimes passing by one of the “coffee shops” (where it is legal to smoke Mariuana), the smoke of them and you will find a lot of History, as you pass by one of the “Grachten” (the main canal routes through Amsterdam), lots of old buildings with step staircases, high buildings that seem to be very narrow but deep, to the typical gables in Amsterdam with it’s beams sticking out and a hook or wheel to transport things to the upper floors to the maritime museum where you can feel the great history of the Netherlands with it’s East Indian trading company (once upon a time the biggest trading company of the world and the first stock exchange company in the world). But the city does not only represent itself with old buildings and lot’s of history but also loved to be seen as a very young and fresh city. Specially in the summer time take the time to sit outside enjoy a drink and watch how many young people will pass bye, or explore the city in the “traditional way” by bike. renting bikes is easy and does not cost a lot but watch out. Amsterdam has many many bikes and most of the times the locks to the bikes cost more than the bike itself. Each year more than 28.000 bikes are pulled out of the canals.

But not only that they are being pulled out of the canals. Watch out when you are riding through Amsterdam. You will find bikes everywhere and for every purpose. You will find there bikes that have baskets for the shopping, or bikes that have also seats for the children to bring them to school, or elsewhere.

Besides that you will occasionally find one of the “kamikaze” bikes. These are the most dangerous and the most scary ones: They do not have brakes, they do not have any bells to warn you and they will not brake. Some people say, that this is the reason why people in Amsterdam stay so healthy because they have to jump out of the way of those kamikaze bikes, others say that this is the reason why the bike lanes are so red because of the wounds that people got from such bikes.

Besides the jokes you will see that the bikes play a very important role in the daily life of Amsterdam and characterize the city so much, like nothing else.

Amsterdam reflect the Dutch culture more than everything else. You explore the vibrating new culture, lots of cheese (some people say the best cheeses in the world) and people want to have fun: You will see that the canals are not only used for tourists but especially in the evening you will find a lot of people on one of the boats cruising through the canals, having music, enjoying a self-mixed drink, or beer and cruise through the town. In the canals you will also find self-made terraces to enjoy a drink, or explore one of the house boats. most of the house boats are fixed installed and have access to the city’s electricity and pluming system. So take a view also at the houseboats and explore how creative people can be on such a limited space. You will be surprised but also enjoy how the people really think.

Amsterdam’s heritage

Amsterdam is nowadays not only the heritage of it’s own history but also a mirror to see the Dutch multi-culture and the Dutch culture. You will realize a vibrating city, a very open minded culture that shows it’s roots and it’s flexibility. People are very open-minded, friendly and are always willing to show that they are creative and different. But do not miss out to try one of the local cheeses and take the time to see also something outside of this city. Enjoy the countryside, the windmills and the untouched nature. Visit Amsterdam and learn a lot of this city – history and fascinating stories of protest, joy and freedom – b(e)specialtours!

Amsterdam city tours and Amsterdam tour

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