Our Certifications, Recognition and Awards

We are very thankful and proud for having achieved these awards and certifications! It shows the recognition for our hard work and that we are always trying to go beyond our client’s expectations.

Thanks to our team and our amazing clients for making this all possible!

Even if we have achieved these awards and positive feedbacks it does not stop us from improving all the time and trying to make the experience for our guests even better! We are really grateful that we can have our guests and it is always an honor to do a tour with them as we know that everybody is different, so we are also making sure that every tour is different. We are trying to give the best every day so that our guests are happy. Therefore we are trying to get as much information as possible from our guests ahead of the tour in order to make sure that we can give the best to our guests and to try to exceed their expectations and it seems that we are on a good way to do so but we are still trying hard to increase that at all time.

We hope to welcoming more guests and to have the honor to take them on a tour and hopefully also receiving new reviews and working also to receiving new awards and recognitions, especially unexpected ones.

Looking forward proofing you why we have received these awards!

Nothing is impossible. The word itself says: “I’m possible”! 

by Andrew Hepburn

A special thank you goes to our team, suppliers and especially our great clients that made it possible to have achieved all of these awards, nominations, reviews and recognitions!