During this tour we will take you to the close mountains of Berchtesgaden. We will show you a wonderful skyline of the Austrian and Bavarian Alps and a great view over the landscape. Let us show you the Obersalzberg, the Königssee and enjoy mountains, lakes, history and an untouched nature. 



An incredible landscape of the Alps mountains and locations with old roots and historical impact.

On the way we will pass by the following locations:

  • Dürrnberg mountain (possibility to see the salt mines (extra cost: 18€ p. adult)
  • The Obersalzburg (where Hitler had his summer residence).
    Possibility to visit the eagle’s nest in the summer time (extra cost 17€ for adults from May until End of October)
    or the documentation center (extra cost of 3€ per adults)
  • The village of Berchtesgaden
  • The lake of Königssee and Hintersee (only on the full day tour)
  • the lake of Königssee and Hintersee (only on the full day tour)
Berchtesgaden church


BERCHTESGADEN is a typical Bavarian village with colorful buildings and a lot of different traditions.

Hitler's Eagle's nest

Eagles Nest

Only reachable by an official bus company leading up a mountain road so narrow, that the busses have to wait for each other in the middle to go up and down. An adventure itself.

Berchtesgaden paintings

Berchtesgaden Village

Colorful houses painted with different motives accordingly the traditions and history in this landscape. An alpine village with famous mountains and legends around.

King Ludwig’s castle in Berchtesgaden Village

King Ludwig’s castle in Berchtesgaden shows the decoration and the architecture of past times.

Main church Berchtesgaden
Berchtesgaden house

Per Vehicle half day


price per vehicle full day