Nürnberg - capital of ginger bread and toys Nürnberg take you back in time. The city of Nürnberg has a very long history


Passau - city on three rivers Passau is for sure a different city in Bavaria. Some people already call it an Austrian city


Berchtesgaden town - in the bavarian alps, nearby lakes and surrounded by high mountains. Berchtesgaden is a city nearby Salzburg that shows you


Hallein - a former industrial city to a city of creativity Hallein is a city in the region of Salzburg that shows you a


Vienna - the capital of Austria Vienna is for sure one of the most various, biggest, musical and interesting cities in Austria. As


Amsterdam - the Venice of the Netherlands Amsterdam is for sure one of the most interesting cities of this northern country called the


Prague - capital of the czech republic Prague is one of the most fascinating capital cities in Europe. It is well-known for recent revolutions

Grossglockner Road

The historical road to the Grossglockner A street to the highest mountain in Austria can be nice and fascinating at the same time. It


COOK & WINE - The cooking school in Salzburg Today we'd like to introduce you one of our partners here in Salzburg. The restaurant,

260 years Mozart

Mozart's birthday: 260 years All the best! This is definitely a year of celebrations in Salzburg! Not only Salzburg's 200 years in Austria,