In this category we will talk about today’s life in Salzburg, Austria and Europe. We will tell you special events, talk about new or suggested restaurants, some tricks and tips of how to avoid typically tourist traps. Besides that we will talk about important things you have to know before coming here or also to learn about the changes that are happening in Salzburg, Austria and Europe. Follow us to learn more about it.

Hohenwerfen Castle

The Hohenwerfen Castle Hohenwerfen Castle is a medieval rock castle. It is located on a 623 metres (2,044 ft) precipice overlooking the Austrian market town of Werfen in the Salzach river valley. It is about 40 kilometres (25 mi) south of Salzburg. Hohenwerfen is a small "sister" of  the fortress of Hohensalzburg, both [...]

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Waterfall Golling

The Waterfall at Golling The Golling waterfall, originally called Schwarzbachfall or Schwarzenbachfall, is a waterfall located in the Tennengau (Austria) on the municipal border between Golling on the Salzach and Kuchl. It is at about 30 kilometers (18,6 miles) from Salzburg and at about 10 kilometers (6,2 miles) from Hallein, the municipal city of the [...]

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Easter traditions in austria

Salzburg's easter traditions In Salzburg and it's surrounding countryside we have a lot of easter traditions, some are completely different to the ones in the US. Of course some of them are connected with old legends and typical regional behaviors. The inner circle of easter celebrations starts on Palm sunday with the typical palm. This [...]

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Mozart to go – a new concert in town

Mozart - old and still new In Salzburg you have the opportunity to visit a Mozart concert before dinner with a lot of interesting input. Because by "Mozart in Residence" in the new residence of Salzburg located, you get to know the history of Wolfgang Amadeus and also some impressions of his sisters [...]

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Salzburg 2017: 50 years Easter Music Festival 8th-17th April 2017

50 years of Salzburg's easter festival The easter music festival in Salzburg was foundet 1967 by Herbert von Karajan. This year the festival celebrates its 50th anniversary. Every year new opera productions and some few concerts are brought to Salzburg or started newly. The festival lasts for ten days and has the status [...]

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Stiegl – lifestyle & ami beer

Stiegl - Beer & Innovation  The Stiegl Brewery - tradition and innovation The Stiegl Brewery was founded and firstly mentioned on documents dated to the 16th June 1492. It was called "The House by the Steps" which is still the brand's name and used in the logo (which can be found almost everywhere in Salzburg) [...]

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Salzburg 2017: 20 years UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Salzburg - UNESCO world heritage In the year 1997 Salzburg became a UNESCO world culture heritage city. There were three main reasons, why Salzburg as city got this honor: The regency of arch bishops over centuries (the salt city - their richness and building activities). Salzburg was also the meeting point of Italian [...]

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NunSens – Little Broadway in Salzburg

Little Salzburg's broadway The Musical Company Austria is a small and great musical team in Salzburg. The idea behind its formation is just - do what you love! This was the beginning for Sabine, one of the founders of the musical company, to use her voice not only [...]

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Christmas Traditions in Salzburg

Salzburg's christmas traditions In Salzburg we have a lot of wonderful christmas traditions, which are completely different to the ones in the US. We already begin with the Christmas time at the time of Advent with the Christmas markets by the end of November. We have of course the well known "Krampus" or "Percht" [...]

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