In this category we will talk about today’s life in Salzburg, Austria and Europe. We will tell you special events, talk about new or suggested restaurants, some tricks and tips of how to avoid typically tourist traps. Besides that we will talk about important things you have to know before coming here or also to learn about the changes that are happening in Salzburg, Austria and Europe. Follow us to learn more about it.


Berchtesgaden town - in the bavarian alps, nearby lakes and surrounded by high mountains. Berchtesgaden is a city nearby Salzburg that shows you a hard-working mountain city that became world famous due to the location and the surrounding mountains with clear mountain water and perfectly preserved nature. Moreover it is not only the

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Vienna - the capital of Austria Vienna is for sure one of the most various, biggest, musical and interesting cities in Austria. As the capital of Austria it has at the moment almost 1,9 mil residences, it is the biggest city of Austria and almost 1/4 of the inhabitants of Austria live in

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Prague - capital of the czech republic Prague is one of the most fascinating capital cities in Europe. It is well-known for recent revolutions and for historical people like Charles IV - the most famous ruler of the Bohemian empire. He constructed some of the most famous buildings - the Charle's Bridge. He was

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Grossglockner Road

The historical road to the Grossglockner A street to the highest mountain in Austria can be nice and fascinating at the same time. It means a perfect combination of a great nature, an engineering peak to construct this road and a thrill of all the cars driving over that road and to "touch" the

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COOK & WINE - The cooking school in Salzburg Today we'd like to introduce you one of our partners here in Salzburg. The restaurant, vine bar & cooking school COOK & WINE - The cooking school in Salzburg You’d like to improve your cooking skills or want to learn how to cook? At Günthers cooking

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260 years Mozart

Mozart's birthday: 260 years All the best! This is definitely a year of celebrations in Salzburg! Not only Salzburg's 200 years in Austria, also 400 years Hellbrunn Palace celebrations and exhibitions AND of course 260 years' Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart! 260 years ago, the musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, in the

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