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This category is about the history of Salzburg, Austria, Vienna and Europe. We will talk about places, tell you many interesting facts and the history of Austria, Vienna and Europe. There are many historically facts of this area and influences every day life and explains many behavioral aspects in Austria. This category will make sure to keep you ahead and understand connections

Salzburg 2017: 20 years UNESCO World Cultural Heritage

Salzburg - UNESCO world heritage In the year 1997 Salzburg became a UNESCO world culture heritage city. There were three main reasons, why Salzburg as city got this honor: The regency of arch bishops over centuries (the salt city - their richness and building activities). Salzburg was also the meeting point of Italian

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Krems city and vineyards Krems is a city in Austria that shows you a hard-working and still laid-back philosophy of the Wachau Valley part of Austria. The first human relicts date back to already 25.000 years before christ as a children's grave has been found. The first settlements in the area date back to

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Innsbruck - a city in the heart of the alps Innsbruck is the main city of the region called Tyrol in Austria. It is the 5th biggest city in Austria and has a big university with over 30.000 students. The city is located in the Inn valley (that goes from the Arlberg area

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Passau - city on three rivers Passau is for sure a different city in Bavaria. Some people already call it an Austrian city and others one of the most bavarian cities of Bavaria. This boarder city of Bavaria is directly on the confluence of three rivers. Already the romans realized it's strategically location

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