This category is about the history of Salzburg, Austria, Vienna and Europe. We will talk about places, tell you many interesting facts and the history of Austria, Vienna and Europe. There are many historically facts of this area and influences every day life and explains many behavioral aspects in Austria.


Innsbruck - a city in the heart of the alps Innsbruck is the main city of the region called Tyrol in Austria. It is the 5th biggest city in Austria and has a big university with over 30.000 students. The city is located in the Inn valley (that goes from the Arlberg area

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Nürnberg - capital of ginger bread and toys Nürnberg take you back in time. The city of Nürnberg has a very long history dating back tom the time of the 11th century when it became an important city and since that time takes people back into their time: From being a village at

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Passau - city on three rivers Passau is for sure a different city in Bavaria. Some people already call it an Austrian city and others one of the most bavarian cities of Bavaria. This boarder city of Bavaria is directly on the confluence of three rivers. Already the romans realized it's strategically location

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Berchtesgaden town - in the bavarian alps, nearby lakes and surrounded by high mountains. Berchtesgaden is a city nearby Salzburg that shows you a hard-working mountain city that became world famous due to the location and the surrounding mountains with clear mountain water and perfectly preserved nature. Moreover it is not only the

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Hallein - a former industrial city to a city of creativity Hallein is a city in the region of Salzburg that shows you a hard-working and salt city that brought to the city of Salzburg lots of money and nice buildings. It was a city that really established in the 12th century and is

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Vienna - the capital of Austria Vienna is for sure one of the most various, biggest, musical and interesting cities in Austria. As the capital of Austria it has at the moment almost 1,9 mil residences, it is the biggest city of Austria and almost 1/4 of the inhabitants of Austria live in

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Dürnstein Wachau

Duernstein - pearl of the Wachau valley Duernstein brings history alive. Some people say that this city shows a great story and shows the wealth of this region, like no other town. The Wachau valley is part of the UNESCO world heritage listed natural preserve in Europe. It is one of the oldest settlements

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Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber - city Rothenburg takes you back into time. Some people say that this city even seems to be the ideal cities where fairytales are alive. Once upon a time this town the rivers where the main trading routes in Europe and even if it was a small river, the river

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Amsterdam - the Venice of the Netherlands Amsterdam is for sure one of the most interesting cities of this northern country called the Netherlands. It is well-known for it's liberty, it's traditions, it's canals and historical people like Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Ann-Frank who hided there with her family until they were betrayed and deported.

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Prague - capital of the czech republic Prague is one of the most fascinating capital cities in Europe. It is well-known for recent revolutions and for historical people like Charles IV - the most famous ruler of the Bohemian empire. He constructed some of the most famous buildings - the Charle's Bridge. He was

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