this category is about the city life of Salzburg, Austria. In this category you will learn more about the people of Salzburg, the population, the lifestyle where to eat, drink, and shop. This category is for people from Salzburg and also for people that try to avoid the tourist traps.

Easter traditions in austria

Salzburg's easter traditions In Salzburg and it's surrounding countryside we have a lot of easter traditions, some are completely different to the ones in the US. Of course some of them are connected with old legends and typical regional behaviors. The inner circle of easter celebrations starts on Palm sunday with the typical palm. This [...]

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Salzburg 2017: 50 years Easter Music Festival 8th-17th April 2017

50 years of Salzburg's easter festival The easter music festival in Salzburg was foundet 1967 by Herbert von Karajan. This year the festival celebrates its 50th anniversary. Every year new opera productions and some few concerts are brought to Salzburg or started newly. The festival lasts for ten days and has the status [...]

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Christmas Traditions in Salzburg

Salzburg's christmas traditions In Salzburg we have a lot of wonderful christmas traditions, which are completely different to the ones in the US. We already begin with the Christmas time at the time of Advent with the Christmas markets by the end of November. We have of course the well known "Krampus" or "Percht" [...]

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Berchtesgaden town - in the bavarian alps, nearby lakes and surrounded by high mountains. Berchtesgaden is a city nearby Salzburg that shows you a hard-working mountain city that became world famous due to the location and the surrounding mountains with clear mountain water and perfectly preserved nature. Moreover it is not only the [...]

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Amsterdam - the Venice of the Netherlands Amsterdam is for sure one of the most interesting cities of this northern country called the Netherlands. It is well-known for it's liberty, it's traditions, it's canals and historical people like Rembrandt, Van Gogh and Ann-Frank who hided there with her family until they were betrayed and deported. [...]

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COOK & WINE - The cooking school in Salzburg Today we'd like to introduce you one of our partners here in Salzburg. The restaurant, vine bar & cooking school COOK & WINE - The cooking school in Salzburg You’d like to improve your cooking skills or want to learn how to cook? At Günthers cooking [...]

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