in this category we tell you some of the most famous mythologies in the area of Salzburg Austria and about some famous legends that took place in this area. Besides that we will tell you some other legends that were supposed to take place in Austria and some neighboring countries. Looking forward learning more about Salzburg.

Waterfall Golling

The Waterfall at Golling The Golling waterfall, originally called Schwarzbachfall or Schwarzenbachfall, is a waterfall located in the Tennengau (Austria) on the municipal border between Golling on the Salzach and Kuchl. It is at about 30 kilometers (18,6 miles) from Salzburg and at about 10 kilometers (6,2 miles) from Hallein, the municipal city of the

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Emperor Charles in the Untersberg mountain

The Untersberg Mountain and Charles the 5th. The Untersberg Mountain is one of the most important mountain, surrounding the city of Salzburg. In the following you will read another legend about a famous emperor connected with this mountain. Kaiser Karl (Emperor Charles) in the Untersberg mountain Inside the mountain should the Emperor

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