• CHIEMSEE TOUR: See King Ludwig’s Versailles

    A tour exploring the largest lake of Bavaria (called among Bavarians their sea)! See the lake and the mountains on the southern side of the lake. Enter the dream world of King LudwigII of Bavaria and learn how much he loved the French Kings.

    Herrenchiemsee is the third and most expensive palace that King Ludwig II of Bavaria had built. Designed after the Palace of Versailles, Herrenchiemsee was one of King Ludwig’s most grand and decadent projects. He worshiped the French Kings of the 18th century for their absolute power and wanted to copy here their imperial palace to live as in the 18th century with the comfort and technology of the 19th century. Construction of the palace began 1878 on Herrenworth island, which became a private refuge for the king, and every phase of the project was overseen by him. When King Ludwig died in 1886 the palace was still incomplete, and sections of it were late demolished.

    Included in this tour are both finished and unfinished elements of the palace, showcasing many different elements of the construction.

    The tour offers a superb look at the palace as well as gorgeous views of the lake and mountains.

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