Tailor Made Austria

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Tailor Made Austria

 We are an industry leader in creating tailor-made tours designed specifically to meet your unique needs and interests. With our main focus being Austria, German, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and beyond, these tours take into consideration your budget, number of travelers, time allowances, desired pace, culinary desires, and any other considerations specific to you. Whether you are interested  in shopping, history, culture, food, or adventure, we will work with you one-on-one to create the perfect itinerary.

Below are some of our speciality tours we have created that have become true favorites, including the James Bond route, Austrian castle route, gourmet route, romantic roads route, shopping route, Christmas market route, spa route and history route. Choose from one of these routes to be insipired and combine routes, or create your own route or tour that you will remember for many years to come!

We want to make sure that with a tailor-made tour you are really getting the best out of your trip through Austria and Europe! This tour will be tailored to you so that you have your perfect fit of your vacation!

Please contact us and begin planning your unique route or tour for free. We look forward to you becoming a part of our bespecialtours family and create new routes and tours with us.


castles tour Austria

Austrian Castle Tour

Bond movie Sheldon

James Bond Tour

Shopping in Austria

Shopping Tour

view over the city of Salzburg

Romantic Roads’ Tour

gourmet route

Gourmet Tour

christmas market

Christmas Markets’ Tour

yoga in Salzburg

Spa & Relax Tour

parliament austria

History Tour

If these examples already inspired you, please contact us to create together a new route, or your ideal route to match better you interest, needs, or creativity!

Please contact us to create your ideal vacation to this area. Throughout the planning you will realize that we are there for you in any situation and to create then your ideal vacation. Often this can be a total change from what you have planned in advance but is then better for your interest, your pace, or your time. We are there for you during the whole planning process with tips and unknown locations and facts and we assist you with accommodation booking, concert tickets, or restaurant reservations and keep you updated if there is any change, or if some new information / events come up before the start of your trip.

Therefore we are looking forward to you becoming a part of our bespecialtours family, where we turn strangers into friends and family members!