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Austrian Route of its Spas

There is enough stress and get that out of you!
You deserve some time off for yourself and to relax! Get treatments, relax and enjoy the best spa areas of Austria.

Spas have a long history in Austria, dating back to the 16th century, when people began to realize that nature and mountains provide a special healing process, and they began developing the first spas for breathing and some of the first types of baths. Later, toward the end of the 18th century, hot springs were “en vogue” some with sulfur. Since the 19th century, Austria has been one of theta destinations for spas in Europe, and we wish to share with you the natural healing and relaxation services that Austrians have developed and perfected over the years!

Today, Austria offers many special themed spas, providing many wonderful choices to suit your specific needs. Austria’s volcanic regions offer hot springs coming out of the ground and mountain spas that provide healing radium. Other spas provide natural salt therapies. in addition, pure nature, water, and air promote relaxation and healing. Also, the natural air that includes many minerals, such as salt, gold, etc. promote immediate healing!

You will see that this route brings you to beautiful areas to relax and enjoy local food and traditions as well as also lbackground information about Austria!

We will pick you up in one of our roomy and comfortable glass-roof vehicle (one of its kind) and take you through some of the most beautiful areas in Austria, where you can relax and enjoy the good life, combining healthy relaxation, outstanding food, history and local traditions. The itinerary can adapted to meet your specific interest or wish!

We specialize in tailor-made tours and in creating your itinerary that meets your individual interest, need and expectation.

Below is an example of what our route covers:

  • Vienna
  • Bad Tatzmannsdorf
  • Styria with it’s spa areas
  • Bad Gleichenberg
  • Fohnsdorf
  • Grimming
  • Bad Gastein
  • Aqua Dom
  • Erding
  • and others

This tour spans over several days to ensure that you are provided the most relaxing spa experiences.

We look forward welcoming you and make you feel relax and energized again.

thermal relax at winter time
relaxing at a mountain lake within Austria
thermal bath in Tyrol
alpine treatment with hot stonesthermal views to the mountains

Up to 7 Passengers