Enjoy a perfect winter fun day:

Discover the winter wonderland and a real toboggan ride on snow! 

This tour is going to be a great fun day: Enjoy a day in the snow,  a perfect winter wonderland, build your snowman, or a snowball fight, or build your own snow castle / igloo, or just enjoy a day in a winter wonderland with great walks and views, or see how they feed the local deer in the area in the winter time. Just let us know what your interest is and we will create the tour for you. One of the things that we suggest, is a fun and joyful toboggan ride. This can be hiking up to a hut, eating there and then taking the toboggan down, or being taken up by a chair lift and then going on a fun and joyful toboggan ride down in the snow in all safety!

During this tour, we will drive into the Salzburg ski area, where the ski tourism has been taken to another level: You can have a perfect combination of skiing, relaxing, spas, discos and untouched nature with the quietness that is hard to find. You will be amazed by the great views of the mountains and the snow covered area of Salzburg. You will see the whole variety of what Salzburg can and does offer. You will see what locals do in their time off.

 Explore how the mountains and the mountain life changes during the winter time and be amazed by how lifely this region can be during the winter time. Feel how long lasting traditions continue to be alive and how they adapt to new times. During the winter time when days are short and temperatures are low the people in this area have developed a great way to be together and to make the temperature much warmer.

This tour begins in Salzburg, from where we will drive to the mountain area, passing high mountains and going trough beautiful valleys. Discover a perfect winter wonder land and see how this region transforms from a nice mountain area where it seems that the green hills with it’s flowers and cows are never ending to a busy tourist spot for winter sport’s lovers that does not only bring out some of the best winter sport’s people but also comes up with constant innovations and developments to make the winter sports safer and even more fun. We can also visit one of the area’s most famous restaurants offering local culinary delights before continuing with some more outdoor sports before retuning back to Salzburg where we will complete our fantastic journey.

This tour is for anybody that likes the mountains and winter sports!

We offer this tour as described, but adapt the tour according to your interest or wishes.

This being said, we suggest the following:

  • Drive into the alpine area south of Salzburg.
  • Driving up cleared mountain roads
  • Enjoy the snow-covered nature
  • enjoy a nice mountain restaurant for a good lunch.
  • or see the valleys and rough mountains
  • Enjoy food, fun and snow!

We will discover with you the area in the most fun and engaging way to touch the nature and having fun within the nature. Warm yourself in a nice mountain hut with a warm drink and warm food and be ready for a fun descent, or a nice drive back to the town of Salzburg.

If you wish to spend more time in one location or wish to include in your tour the celebration of a special occasion, such as a birthday, wedding proposal, etc. we can accommodate your special requests.

We are looking forward welcoming you for a memorable and fun tour in the snow!

up to 6 People (8h tour) 720€