If you prefer to explore the untouched nature of Austria by foot or bike, let us share with you the best of what Austria has to offer!

Hiking & Biking SPECIAL

If it is nature you enjoy, Austria offers stunning views form mountain peaks and of pristine lakes, majestic rivers, and green lush valleys just waiting to be explored. Let us design for you a hiking or biking tour that will meet your specific interests. There are many options from which you can choose! 

Austria ia a top destination for hikers and bikers looking for the ultimate outdoor experience.

Austria’s vast network of hiking trails are both unique and awe-inspiring, including trails running north to south to the Italian Riviera, trails to UNESCO world heritage areas, trails to ice caves and salt mines, and trails to locations where many unforgettable movies have been filmed. We can assist you in planning a hike that is designed for those at all levels, including those looking for a leisurely nature walk to those looking for the most challenging hike the area has to offer.

As with our hiking tours, we can plan for your biking tours, ranging from leisure to most strenuous through challenging mountain passes. Our service include arranging accommodations for multi-day biking tours. We can arrange tours on mountain bikes, street bikes, or electrical bikes in various locations.

If you like to create your own hiking, or biking vacation we can are at your disposal to arrange for your full-service package with accommodation, routes, bike rental and professional guide to guarantee you a safe and nice journey. The guide will also provide you with many stories, background information, and suggest how locals are exploring and behaving in some locations you are seeing and can tell you some of the history behind the locations. This will make sure that you are treated like a local and not as a tourist. You are also making new friends and will realize why the Austrian “Gastfreundschaft” (literally translated: guest friendship) is so much loved by people and turn strangers into friends.

We can also arrange for you a combination of hiking and biking tours, designed for your experience level, and also include in your kayaking, wild water rafting, and lake rafting. We are looking forward showing you the best locations Austria has to offer!

Looking forward hearing from you!