Consultant for Horse Riding Tour in Salzburg

If you like horses, then let us show you this area in the best way – on horseback!


We will show you how beautiful this area is on a horse or with a horse carriage, or in a horse sleigh during the winter time.

Explore beautiful Salzburg and surrounding area on horseback or in a horse carriage, or in the winter time in a sleigh!

If your dream is to explore the area on horseback, we offer a number of perfect tours, with safety and security always in mind. Our services are provided through local professional horse stables and riding schools that offer unique tracks and courses to match your riding skill level. We can arrange these tours as a family or group or as an individual. Rides can be arranged on a variety of terrain outside of the Salzburg area, including the steep mountain areas to the south and flatland areas to the north, as well as marshland areas. You will enjoy breathtaking views and splendid wooded areas, pristine lakes, and meandering rivers (including whitewater)

For the more experienced equestrian, we provide access to speed tracks, on which you can set yourself free putting one of these magnificent horses its paces!

We can also provide you some of the instructors of this area to improve your riding style, or to try out new things, or just to guide you in safety to the best and nicest locations off the beaten track and some of them only known by locals. Enjoy nature and horses in one of the nicest region.

The area of Salzburg has many things to offer for equestrians: From smooth hills and open fields in the north, to steep mountains and interesting valleys in the south with untouched nature, crystals clear rivers and cold mountain lakes with stunning views over the area and glacier mountains. Each season has a special charme to explore and to open your perception and to feel the nature!

Winter offers the opportunity to explore the Winter Wonderland in a horse-drawn sleigh or ride a horse through the snow and untouched snowed woods! Snuggle-up and relax as you meander through the area enjoying the scenery and mystique of the season.

We are your consultant and are at your service to provide a uniquely enjoyable experience that you will not soon forget!