Consultant for horse Riding Tour in Salzburg

If you like horses, then let us show you this are in the best way: on the back of horses!


We will show you how beautiful this area is on a horse or with a horse carriage, or in a horse sleigh during the winter time.

Let us give you some ideas about how to make your trip special.

If you just want to make a day with horses, or if you want to make a course, of if you want to explore the area on the back of horses do not hesitate contacting us! We are you consultant to help you out and enjoy the horses and it’s back riding to the safest and fullest!

During this day we will take you to professional horse stables and riding schools and will plan with you the best track to take the horse on. If this is for you as a family, or for you as a professional you will realize that we can cover everything and show you the most beautiful areas to take a horse on. Weather this is in flat land, by the lake or through some fresh powder snow in winter time just let us know.

If you prefer to discover this area in a horse carriage please do not hesitate contacting us. We can take you through the countryside, through the city or through the mountains in a horse carriage, or a horse pulled sleigh during the winter time to get a perfect winter wonder land.

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