Enjoy the fascination of mountains and ice. Take a cable car in the mountain, enjoy a mountain walk/hike, great views and the fascination of ice with b(e)specialtours in a day trip.



The fortress of Werfen is after the Fortress of Salzburg the second biggest fortress is the area and for sure one of the most interesting. The fortress brings you closer life in former times and you can find many of the biggest and most important birds of the Alps within the fortress premises.

WERFEN Ice caves & fortress

After your pickup in the city of Salzburg we are going to have a drive through the Salzach river valley where you will see the breathtaking nature in a perfect symphony of water, mountains and nature. We will pass important passes and joy of former times. In Werfen you will walk for 10-15 minutes to take a cable car towards the entrance of the ice caves. Another 12 minutes walk will take you to the entrance of the ice caves which are a highlight of your trip to see the ice formations and ice colors(another 300 steps take you further up the ice caves). In the afternoon you have the possibility to visit the fortress of Werfen and the falconry in the fortress. One of the most impressive and nicest in the area. You can enjoy some typically food and drink in this area. (Entries and food are not included in the tour price).

Enjoy walks, mountains, history and breathtaking views.

Within this tour we will give you more inside stories and backgrounds about Werfen, the Salzach river valley, the industry in this area, the daily life and the mountains.
The tour includes the drive from Salzburg in a comfortable van to Werfen, where you will see the ice caves and the fortress of Werfen. In the afternoon hours we see the falconry and the fortress of Werfen, or you can see the Sound of Music path where a scene of the sound of music has been filmed and return back to Salzburg, having the possibility to drive by the waterfalls of Golling.

Entry fees for the ice caves and the fortress are not included.

ice caves


This tour will bring you to the world’s biggest ice cave (open between May and October), the fortress of Werfen and it’s falconry. A very interesting area and locations.

falconry at Werfen

The Falconry at the fortress of Werfen

Falconries were used in former times very often as a popular sport and status symbol among the nobles in Europe of medieval Europe, Middle East and Mongolian Empire. The peak in central Europe for falconries were reached in the 17th century when falcons were also used for hunting. The falconry at Werfen has a long history of this 16th century fortress and were kept and trained for the archbishop in this castle. In this castle relicts were found in the 1980ies and since that time the falconry was decided to be put back in operation there. It is the only place within the Salzburg area where you can see it live and also learn more about the history of it in the dedicated museum. Learn more about the eagles, falcons and hacks that can be found in this area and see them in action. It will be a special experience to have a look, touch and feel the history, the nature and the wildlife of the people that have been living in this region and immerse in the archbishop’s heritage.

fortress of Werfen with mountains

Castle of Werfen – unique

The fortress of Werfen has a very long and important history. Dating already back to the 11th century this fortress has been destroyed and rebuilt in the 16th century, giving it also the outlook that can be visited nowadays. Enjoy a guided tour through the fortress and learn about its purpose, the lifestyle in former times, the defensive walls and the noble quarters. Located in the middle of the Salzach valley it is settle in the middle of high mountains, covered with woods and lead to a lot of mythologies, stories about thieves, wild people and strange animals. Immerse in this pastime and let us bring it alive. Since it’s location was so ideal, it was also used as a film location, such as “where eagle’s dare”, the “10th kingdom”, “Sound of Music” and “Just Married”. Visit this location and enjoy the views to the nearby mountains where you can find also the ice caves and the most famous ski slopes of Salzburg.

A tour in the ice caves.

Spectacular natural colors and formations made out of ice in the world’s largest Ice caves in Werfen, nearby Salzburg.

Ice caves Salzburg
ice caves

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