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Be Special Tours, Halleiner Landesstrasse 57,
5061 Elsbethen

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T:+43 6601007999

Operating Manager

Mr. Dr.(hc), Mag.Bernhard Praher-Schneck

Further Information

Company registered at the Landesgericht Salzburg, Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg for travel agencies, limousine-taxi service and tours

Responsible for the homepage

La Felice GmbH, Halleiner Landesstrasse 57, 5061 Elsbethen.

For discrepancies

The EU comission has made the following plattform for intermediate and trouble solving: We are always there for any problems that arise at and will reply as soon as possible. In case of any non-solvable issues the location of court is going to be: Salzburg, Austria and the applicable law is going to be: Austrian law.

For any other legal rights and contracts please see our section of Legal & rights

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