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The Musical Company Salzburg’s Broadway Show

The Musical Company Austria is a small and great musical team in Salzburg. The idea behind its formation is just – do what you love! This was the beginning for Sabine, one of the founders of the musical company, to use her voice not only for small concerts, but also for heartful and joyful musicals in the area of Salzburg. As Sabine is one of our personal friends, we will not miss the opportunity to recommend their events to you and also tell you a bit more whats going on behind the scenes.

The Musical Company started their outstanding story in 2010 and at the moment they have on the stage and backstage about 50 people working together as a team. Of course, it is not Broadway in New York and therefore the members are mainly working in other professions as a main job and spend all their free time to reherse their parts and to be fit for performances to offer you a perfect show with different topics.

The people love to sing, dance, perform and also to create new impressive shows for you, the audience. With their own musical “Fall of the diva – Backstage” they created also their own written lyrics and combined it with famous musical songs. They really did a good job. They integrated the actual lifestyle and the region in their textes. I will come back a bit later to the story of this musical.

The Musical Company also offers dinner events (for example Halloween Dinner), they create show-acts for business celebrations (so you can also book a live musical in Salzburg) and of course they perform the Musical NunSens (coming from broadway) on a monthly basis. Setting of NunSens is really connected with historical places in the area. They perform in an old chapel which is of course the right place for a group of Nuns. I will also tell you a bit more in detail after this short overview.

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The “Fall of the Diva – Backstage” was the second big production of the Musical Company Austria in the year 2013. As mentioned the company wrote the lyrics themselves and used the songs from famous musicals and combined them. They created a show with characters like you really would find here in the lifestyle of Austria. Of corse a bit oversubscribed, but more out of real life than you would think.

The Musical shows how it really works behind the scenes and what’s going on between the main actors and the members of the chorus. It spotlights the network of intrigues what’s happening after and before the show on the stage and backstage.

They also integrated the local area of the Salzkammergut (Lake District) and the stage settings were also extraordinary. You can imagine how many hours of free time and personal stories not shown in the show are integrated in this Musical (real backstage). The best thing at the end of the show is for the company to stay together and enjoy the applause of the audience.

In the last years the Musical Company Austria became more and more popular in this area and their professionalism and their reputation increases show by show. They are already performing in Germany with their shows and perhaps one day as guests on the New York Broadway. Until then we are glad to have them here for our Salzburg as Little Broadway.

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The actual Musical on Stage 2017 is NunSens. Here an original Broadway Musical found its way back to good old Europe and it was perfect for the Musical Company Austria. The first show on Stage for the singing nuns was 2014 and it will be on a monthly basis for 2017 – so you have the possibility to see them directly on stage! (Dates and booking you will find here: Booking in German Musical Company Austria – German or for questions and bookings in English please use or contact us directly under and we will arrange the tickets directly with Sabine).

Dates for 2017 (always at 7: pm):

10.Februar 2017

  1. März 2017
  2. April 2017
  3. Mai 2017
  4. Juni 2017
  5. Oktober 2017
  6. November 2017

As Salzburg itself was for a long time period a catholic ruled area, the story of the singing Nuns also makes sense in historical content, especially at the location where the team is performing. They are singing at the ARCOTEL Castellani in a real old chapel, which is now integrated in a seminar center. The structure of the room, for example the windows, are all original, like a real chapel in the city of Salzburg. More about the Hotel you find here: Castellani NunSense

The Musical NunSens was written from Dan Goggin – an author of the New York Broadway. He was also in Salzburg to have a look at his licensed musical show in Austria performed by The Musical Company Austria. Therefore a little broadway on the stage in Salzburg!

We are looking forward to welcoming you for one of the performances and hope you have great fun and get in touch with the ensemble. Perhaps soon on Broadway in New York – you never know what happens! Have a great evening with Sabine and her Team and enjoy! Best greetings B(e)Specialtours!

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