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We will prove you that we can and will make everything possible to satisfy you, your ideas and dreams! We are working hard to make everything possible and are looking forward hearing your ideas and suggestions! This can be any kind of idea: from adventure, such as zip lining, mountain climbing, canyoning, wild water rafting, to spas, to special treatments, or shopping, or any other special occasion and event! 

Let’s enjoy this beautiful area and see what we can do for you in Austria, Bavaria, or any other Central European area!

The area has a lot to offer and we want to show that to you. From development of fairytales to untouched nature and also crystal clear waters from the mountains and glaciers to amazing canyons and valleys to mountains from where you have the whole scenery to yourself and sometimes also hundred of other mountain peaks surrounding you.

Just to give you some ideas: Austria has many specialities to offer: from history, to special museums, such as the criminal museum of Austria, to nature history and nature museum to the first museum of musical instruments, to the oldest picture camera museum, to folklore museum, or the crystal museum, or the museum of fine arts, to the museum of the world of puppets to the museum of art fakes. You see already from museums that there is a huge variety. Besides that in Austria you can try and learn how to cook some of the specialties of the Austrian cuisine, or other traditions, such as wood carving, or leather works, or knives and blades’ making courses to many other courses to learn the traditions and the lifestyle of Austria.

The traditions are from folklore clothes and cloth makers, to the glorious ball culture, to alpine traditions, to christmas market traditions to coffee house culture, to concerts and classical music.

No matter what other requests you might have, we will try to make it happen: For your family, you as a couple, or as a single person!

This will be done through our tailor made tours, customized as much as you want it to be customized and done for you.

Stunning landscapes can also develop and bring out many talents from cooks, to sportive people to great innovators!

Let our services surprise you positively!