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The Gallery of our Hallstatt Tour –

Enjoy a full day at this UNESCO world heritage town and the lake district area

Hallstatt Town:

Unesco world heritage site in the Austrian Alps with the famous bone house and the oldest staircase in the world.

Enjoy our full day tour to this nice town and area; enjoy our photos taken during the tour

BonehouseHallstatt_shop Hallstatt Architecture1 Hallstatt_streetview Hallstatt_Idylle Hallstatt_Bootshaus Hallstatt_Village3 Hallstatt_Village4 Hallstatt_St Michael Hallstatt_Tragweiber Hallstatt_Franzl Hallstatt_Lakeview  Hallstatt_Chinese Hallstatt_village11 Hallstatt_Village 5 Hallstatt_boot3 HallstattVillage1A Hallstattvillage1B Hallstatt_ArchitectureHallstatt_MarktplatzHallstatt Marktplatz1Hallstatt_Kessel1Hallstatt_VillageHallstatt_Architakturethumb_DSC05950_1024_1024Hallstatt_KeltenHallstatt_KesselHallstatt_SchildHallstatt_BooteHallstatt_village1