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Castles and fortresses!

Austria’s geographical location in Europe has been significant throughout history. The man magnificent castles and fortresses that still stand in this region serve as reminders of the significant and colorful history of this region and beckon visitors to share in it. This tour will allow you to see, fell and touch history – to make it all come alive for you!


On this tour we will share with you the unique stories of these castles and fortresses, the facts and the fables! We will discuss with you how and why these castles and fortresses were constructed, who lived in them, what functions they have fulfilled, and how they are maintained today and what role they continue to play.

Be intrigued as you learn about the controversial tensions between religion, families, power, and regions. Be prepared to learn a lot of history and understand the connections even up to nowadays. Each castle and fortress has its own history and story. It will come to a clear picture after exploring them! Stay overnight in some of these castles to experience how it was to be a prince or princess or king or queen. Feel how these castles have been adapted to our living standard nowadays and imagine or realize how life must have been when running water, showers, heatings were not there yet. Go back in time and experience how it felt to live then.

During this tour you will enjoy traveling in the comfort of of one of our glass-roof vehicles!
You can chose this itinerary, or an itinerary adapted to your specific needs and interests through the Austrian regions

On the route we will visit the following locations:


  • Vienna surrounding
  • Castle out of southern Austria
  • Fortress of Deutschlandsberg
  • Castle Riegersburg
  • Castle Deutschlandsberg
  • Castle Hochosterwitz
  • Castle Gablhofen
  • Castle Clam
  • Fortress of Salzburg
  • Fortress of Werfen
  • Castle Tratzberg
  • Castle of Ambrass

This tour spans a period of several days. It can be adapted to your time schedule and to your specific wishes.

We look forward welcoming you to the castles and fortresses of Austria – where dreams can come reality!

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