HIKING & BIKING – enjoy outdoor sports in this beautiful area

If you enjoy mountains and like nature, we do offer you all different services: We organize for you a hiking guide, go with you biking in the area of Salzburg, or show you the secret natural spots in the area. We organize for you to go hiking, mountain climbing, hang-gliding, parasailing, or rafting, or canoeing, etc. Make your vacation to an unforgettable and remarkable experience in this beautiful nature. Just contact us. 


Hiking and Biking in the area of Salzburg

Salzburg is a very interesting area to explore. Hiking and biking is definitely one of the possibilities. Let us show you the are on the mountain bike, or also hiking with you to some mountains.

We have many beautiful canyons and valleys to explore. Canoeing, rafting, zip lining, canoying and other outdoor sports are also available

traditional Salzburg houses