Castle Route

Castles and fortresses!
Yes, Austria and Central Europe has a lot of history. We want to make history alive for you! You will see, feel and touch history! We will show you castles, stay overnight in some castles and show you the stories behind, as well as how these castles are used and maintained until the present time.

Learn and see what is behind some castles and stories. You will see beautiful areas and settings and make fairytales and knight stories alive!

This tour is one of our tailor-made tours and the itinerary is created according your interest / needs / ideas

During this tour you will drive around with one of our glass-roof vehicles and will drive with you through Austria to see some of the most impressive castles and palaces in this area.

The itinerary will be adapted according to your interest and this is just a suggestion.

We would show you in this route the following locations:

  • Vienna surrounding
  • Castle out of southern Austria
  • fortress of Deutschlandsberg
  • castle Riegersburg
  • Castle Deutschlandberg
  • Castle Hochosterwitz
  • Castle Gablhofen
  • Castle Clam
  • Fortress of Salzburg
  • Fortress of Werfen
  • Castle Tratzberg
  • Castle of Ambrass

This is a tour is planned at the moment for several days to show you this beautiful area many background stories.

Looking forward welcoming you where dreams can come true!

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